Fisheries Liaison

As a natural extension of providing extensive Land Agency, Planning and Community Services to the Renewables and Sustainable Energy Sector, Blackhall and Powis has established a separate and complementary Fisheries Liaison Service within the practice. 

 The services provided by the Fisheries Liaison department complement the specialist sector experience which has been developed by the land agency and planning team, including the negotiation of seabed leases with The Crown Estate, and provides a range of skills which can assist new and existing clients with the management of offshore stakeholders. This can include acting as project Fisheries Liaison Officer and/or Fishing Industry Representative. 

Liaison Services and Fisheries Advice

We provide liaison services and fisheries advice to our offshore clients using local knowledge and extensive fisheries experience to encourage cooperation and also ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently therefore minimising disturbance to both clients vessels and commercial fishing vessels. This includes the development of a Fisheries Liaison Plan which can be continuously updated through the project planning and development process, and beyond construction to the operational phase.  

 We lead the coordination and identification of vessels in operation, charting the location, type and value of fishing undertaken, assessing the density and location of static gear, the potential displacement of mobile fishing vessels and interact with the client in order to develop a suitable fisheries mitigation action plan. 

 Throughout the duration of a project we will continue to engage with commercial fishermen and other legitimate sea users and provide advice regarding their potential influence on the project to our clients and their appointed contractors, from the project planning stage through construction and in to operation. When required we will also organise and lead commercial fishery working groups and provide advice on the negotiation of compensation agreements associated with surveys, installation, decommissioning activities and wider associate works. Through these working groups we will also help to identify ways to minimise and mitigate potential impacts on local communities.

Get In Touch

Should Blackhall and Powis’s ability to deliver a comprehensive Fisheries Liaison Service be of interest then we would welcome to opportunity to meet with you to discuss your objectives and requirements and then provide a tailored proposal for consideration.