Land & Communities

We assemble the land, rights in land and deliver projects needed for the energy transition. 

Supporting our clients to deliver infrastructure projects to decarbonise the economy, including getting them the right land at the right time for the right price. 

We can help you tackle the climate emergency meeting your corporate and project objectives. 

We provide property and project management services for energy, utilities and infrastructure projects and are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.   

Land Information 

We have a highly talented team of land referencers and geo-spatial analysts. Good data is at the foundation of a successful strategy, and we place a high emphasis on a robust assessment of your land requirements.  

Our team can identify all land interests affected by your proposed development and provide a full interactive GIS based property information and project management online portal.

Land Assembly Strategies 

We use data to devise a project strategy to secure the land rights and any other property contracts needed to progress the project to commissioning and operation. This project document crystalises the scope of our work and acts as a key project management tool. 

 Environmental Services 

We are able to provide specialist ecological surveys and environmental management services. Our contractors dynamic approach finds ecological solutions within the constraints of any project. They are also experienced in the measurement and assessment of environmental noise for all types of development and can support a planning application by undertaking a Noise Impact Assessment to comply with local, national and international standards. 


Our team specialise in providing end-to end forestry consultancy and woodland management advice. We work with project teams and landowners to help create and manage diverse, ecologically connected woodlands and forests across the UK.   

Planning Support 

We have Chartered Planners within the team who are proficient in Planning Law and policy. All of the team have a broad understanding and theoretical knowledge of the consenting requirements of electrical and grid infrastructure.   

Land Budgets & Cost Control 

The land assembly strategy is underpinned by a land budget and cost forecast which acts as our negotiating mandate. This is kept up to date on a monthly cycle and used as the basis of the Property Cost Estimate and the land Property Cost ledger.  

Property Negotiation 

Within the ceiling of the mandate we will negotiate transactions to agree commercial heads of terms using the template deal documentation we have agreed with you.  

Property Transaction Management 

Understanding your project timescales we will engage with professionals acting for landowners and occupiers to build consensus on timescales for concluding property transactions, often for option agreements, in line with your target project financial close.  

We will closely manage each transaction taking your instruction on key risk items and driving every detail of the deal to contractual conclusion 

Compulsory Acquisition 

You may choose to “back cloth” your negotiating strategy with a CPO to acquire rights in the event that voluntary deals cannot be concluded, or landowners or occupiers cannot be identified or located.  

Promoting a CPO is a project in its own right and we have considerable experience in the project and process management of this.  

Project Management 

B&P Project Management have the capability and resources to lead your project from strategic planning and feasibility through to delivery, bringing you maximum value. Where appropriate our Project Managers work with land colleagues to provide a comprehensive end-to-end service. This can include a range of tailored project management services, including masterplanning, estates strategy, feasibility studies, consultant team selection, design and programme management, consents and approvals, construction project and site management, development monitoring, risk and value management and operational integration. 

Community Engagement 

We are experienced in the organisation of, and have participated in, the community engagement process for many projects. We are competent and effective at local liaison and being an agent and conduit for a developer. We have undertaken extensive training in communicating effectively with communities, often in challenging circumstances. We have negotiated community benefit packages, implemented workshops to keep people informed and we can adapt our approach based on our clients requirements. 

Construction Management 

Beyond financial close and final investment decisions we can support your infrastructure project by managing the landowner interface right through to commissioning and handover to operations dealing with all compensation claims. We can provide construction and project management expertise to manage delivery of key facilities through to completion, and provide site resource to monitor contract works. 

Contractual Compliance 

We can establish a property management system to ensure your financial and other contractual obligations are effectively managed ensuring you are never in a breach situation.