GIS & The Portal

Our Land Information and GIS team can bring experience and technical expertise to your project. We have a team that understands the importance of appropriate spatial data management and are capable of unlocking the geospatial capabilities of GIS. We are adept in spatial analysis, plan production and general project support. Our regular interaction with land registries not only enables us to efficiently and thoroughly investigate land interests, but also ensures we are able to produce plans that are fully compliant for registration purposes.

Bespoke Web-based GIS Portal

We offer our clients access to a bespoke web-based GIS portal which can be tailored to their project requirements. We can design the portal for a range of intended uses, from constraint mapping for site origination to tracking conditions on a project before, during and after construction. The portal can integrate a variety of publicly available spatial datasets, in-house datasets, land referenced polygons and any spatial data provided by our clients or other external consultants. The portal can also be linked to responses received via landowner engagement.

Based on industry leading Esri technology, utilising ArcGIS® Online, the portal allows our office-based team to monitor what is happening, real time, on the ground. It is linked to a mobile application, Esri’s ArcGIS® Field Maps app, which can be used by our field teams to record ground and surroundings conditions and to take photos for our records.

Improve Efficiency

Our GIS portal provides our clients with a robust tool for tracking the progress of their operations, enabling them to gain a better understanding of their land or project. The combined use of the portal and linked mobile application enable us and our clients to reduce the requirement for travel, improves efficiency and provides a greater degree of reporting accuracy therefore reduces costs.